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Damond Motorsports

Check Valves

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The Damond Motorsports check valves come pre-assembled with fittings in the configurations you need. We use very low cracking pressure valves, to ensure a smooth effortless operation. Alternatively the spring in these valves can be removed to allow for no cracking pressure. Common for low-pressure sides of PCV systems. 

The 3/8" size valves come in either a barb or a push-lock style fitting.

The 5/8" barbed valves use plastic 90° fittings, and straight brass barbed fittings. 

Hose clamps are recommended on the barb style fittings, but not required for the push-lock style. The push-lock style generally does require an assembly tool to install the hose over the fittings. 

Most of our OCC kits in different Stages come with check valves included. However, if you're needing more for a custom set-up, or to add one on your existing set-up, there is now an option. If you need a custom size not offered here, please contact us for a quote. 



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