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Mazdaspeed OEM Gasket

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Gasket set for your MZR DISI engine rebuild

- Exhaust Valve Seals (8)
- Intake Valve Seals (8)
- HPFP Cam Housing Gasket (to head)
- PCV Gasket
- Valve Cover Gasket
- Head Gasket
- Front Oil Seal
- Intake Manifold Gasket (to head)
- Fuel Injector O-Ring (on top side of injector)
- Exhaust Manifold Gasket (to head)
- Oil Pump Pickup Tube O-Ring
- Oil Drain Tube Inlet Gasket (turbo)
- Oil Drain Tube Outlet Gasket (turbo)
- Oil Filter Housing Gasket (to block)
- Water Pump Gasket (internal)
- Water Pump Gasket (to inlet)
- Water Pump Gasket (to outlet)
- EGR Gasket



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