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N2MB WOT Box w/ Full Throttle Shift & 2-Step Launch Control

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Included in the kit

  • WOT Box
  • USB to Serial adapter
  • Universal wiring harness
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • Ground lug
  • Zip Ties
The WOT Box adds no-lift shifting and 2-step launch control to your MazdaSpeed 3 or Mazdaspeed 6
The 2-Step launch control modulates the ignition by cutting power to individual ignition coils to hold the engine RPM you want to launch at. If you have a turbocharger, the turbo will spool up while you do this. You can use this  feature for a more consistent and more powerful launch with boost! 

The WOT Box makes no-lift shifting on manual transmission vehicles easy by cutting your engine's ignition for a very short period while you no-lift shift. You can perform a no-lift shift by keeping your foot on the gas through your shift. The ignition cut allows the synchronizers in your transmission to mesh easily, reducing the chance of missing a gear and damaging your transmission. Keeping your foot down through the shift also allows you to hold boost through the shift, significantly improving your quart
er mile time. 
Everyone should have one. Cut 0.3 seconds or more off your quarter-mile time! 




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