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Damond Motorsports

Damond Motor Mount Replacement Bushings

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Although Damond Motorsports mount bushings should last many miles of hard abuse, we want to offer replacements, whether you're looking to refresh your mount, or you want to change up the color scheme. 

Each bushing kit comes with all bushings needed to replace what is currently in one Damond mount, and optional replacement corresponding custom machined and black anodized aluminum sleeves. Former MS3 RMM uses zinc plated sleeves. While the sleeves are optional, they don't really need to be replaced and can be reused, unless they are missing from the mount.

Note: A press or large vise is recommended for bushing installation.

For the MS3 RMM: 

  • Former version: larger mount with Allen head shoulder thru bolt
  • Newer version: smaller mount where one bushing has a relief cut, 16mm hex head thru bolt



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